Monday, 15 September 2014

Room Tour: Univeristy Edition

Hello! I decided a while ago to do some sort of room tour when I moved into my new uni flat in Nottingham. I'm not completely moved in and I still have a few bits and bobs to bring but it's looking pretty much like home already! This is the biggest room I've ever had and I've never had a double bed before, so I'm very excited about all the space I'll have!

It has a huge window which lets so much light in. On my desk I have my pens and pencils on one side, and on the other I have my beautiful new lamp from IKEA which I love and my make-up brushes and nail polishes. I also have a photo of me and Chris and a gorgeous old photo of my Nanny. At the moment I'm keeping my make-up in my desk drawers. I would prefer to have some storage boxes for them, like the ones from Muji, but I have nowhere really to put the boxes! So for now all my make-up and beauty bits live in drawers! Can we just take a second to stop and talk about this chair? It's from IKEA and it's grey and it's super comfy and it looks so damn cool! I love it and thank you to Chris for treating me to this baby! I've also got a shelving unit from IKEA (again) as I have a lot of crap that I either like to hide or use as decoration, such as my perfume, candles, books, vases etc. Inside the boxes I'm keeping my work papers, my folders and sketch/notebooks and my camera bits and bobs. That's everything really! You can ask me where anything is from, though the answer will probably be IKEA haha!
I hope you enjoyed this kind of post, I love looking at other peoples nicely decorated rooms or houses! Thanks for reading!


  1. Your aesthetic sense is to die for. Your room is beautiful!!

  2. This is such a gorgeous interior for your uni room! Looks lovely :D

    1. Thank you, I can't wait to get moved in properly :) x