Tuesday, 9 September 2014

PERSONAL | 25 Facts About Me

I wanted to post something a little different for today and thought it would be nice to do something where you could maybe get to know me better. I could do these kind of posts more often, or even make them into videos but I'm not sure about that one yet! So here's a few facts about me...
  1. When I was born my mum lost consciousness, my dad thought she had died and fainted, falling into a nurse and breaking one of her bones! My life started as it was meant to go on!
  2. I am a second year photography student at Nottingham Trent, I used to study fashion design at Westminster but dropped out.
  3. I am obsessed with make up, dogs, stationary and homeware.
  4. At the moment I work in a supermarket on the checkouts, it's the only thing about my life that I absolutely despise.
  5. December will be mine and Chris's first year anniversary.
  6. When I was around 8 or 9 I would stay up late and design wedding dresses. I kept them all in a pink ring binder which I sadly no longer own but I've recently started doing it again.
  7. My perfect day consists of snuggling up in Chris's bed and watching YouTube videos on his big TV.
  8. One day I really, really want either a Pug, French Bulldog or a Boston Terrier (or all of them!). They're so cute I can't contain myself!
  9. I can no longer drink coffee and I don't know how I will cope in life.
  10. I am a whole 5ft1.
  11. Savoury over sweet any day. I love carbs, so so much.
  12. When I was 5 I rode my bike in an open manhole outside my house and all the skin from my left knee came off!
  13. I plan every single thing, either on paper or in my head and if my day isn't going right I become somewhat grumpy.
  14. I am extremely panicky whilst travelling.
  15. Grey's Anatomy has been my favourite TV programme for years, although I haven't watched it in nearly a year and I feel like a very bad fan.
  16. When I lived in London, I lived literally 5 minutes away from Chris. We didn't meet until a year later in a bar in Nottingham.
  17. My ideal/dream job would be to own a cafe, bakery and florist all in one shop.
  18. I can play the guitar, ukulele and a tiny bit of the piano. I also like to sing.
  19. Beyonce is my queen.
  20. I have visited Florida, Ibiza, Turkey, Barcelona, Paris, Venice and a couple of other places in Spain and France.
  21. The only famous person I've met is Alison Sudol, aka A Fine Frenzy, who is one of my favourite artists ever. She is the sweetest person!
  22. I collect change and not on purpose! The other day I counted nearly £30 worth of change from two money pots, two purses and my handbags!
  23. As soon as I get home I change into my pyjamas or comfies, something I definitely inherited from my mum.
  24. At the moment I'm really loving Sam Smith's album.
  25. My all time favourite thing I own is the necklace Chris gave to me on the day he asked me to be his girlfriend. I've worn it pretty much every day since.

Tell me a few facts about you and if you like these sort of posts!

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