Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Nike Free Fit 4 Breathe

Say hello to my new beautiful gym trainers! I've not actually set foot into my gym for a few months as I'm home from university for the summer, but I have started running! These babies have replaced my insanely cheap pair of trainers from Primark, and they are 100% more comfortable and, of course, way more attractive! I've been after a pair of Nikes for a while now, firstly obsessing over a pair of Roshe Runs, but then the Free Fit 4 Breathes caught my eye and I was sold! They're such a gorgeous bright colour, but if orange isn't your thing they also come in a variety of other pretty colours, such as pink, green and purple.
I'm currently running on tarmac and even though these are really lightweight, they are so comfortable. They don't rub at all, which for me is really rare to find. They definitely run up small and I find them to be quite narrow fitting too. I'm usually a size 3 and had to end up buying a size 3.5 as I intended on wearing socks with them. As I've not had these for very long I'm unsure as to how long they last, but I have heard and read great things about them.
I just can't get over how pretty they are!!

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